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TitanIM VBS platform - Fuiba - 02-27-2015

I was instantly hooked by the overview video on the home page, and this is something to definitely keep an eye on. TitanIM is a simulation software platform and I think this is exactly what the milsim business needs: competition. Hopefully this will bring more milsim games to market and put some pressure on Bohemia. I absolutely love their games but frankly I think the progression of the engine from the days of OFP has been slow at best and they could have done much better give the right incentive.

Re: TitanIM VBS platform - Alwarren - 02-27-2015

It's Outerra, probably with all the strings attached (like the flat bitmap trees). As far as I understood it, it is mostly aimed at competing against VBS, not necessarily a game...

Re: TitanIM VBS platform - Fuiba - 02-28-2015

Yeah, it uses the Outerra engine but TitanIM's goal is to be an unified platform on which 3rd party developers can create scenarios and games. I understand that this doesn't mean anything concrete for us gamers yet, but I for one got (over?) excited about the marketing speeches Smile

Re: TitanIM VBS platform - Alwarren - 02-28-2015

Well competition would be great, I just need to look at War Thunder vs. World of Tanks to see that Smile

Re: TitanIM VBS platform - Varanon - 02-28-2015

Definitely keeping an eye on it.

Re: TitanIM VBS platform - Misha - 03-04-2015

Oh, the possibilities!