23.08.2011 – “SOCOM Summers Rain”

The last action packed minutes of the mission. Taking over an enemy vehicle, destroying the scud and extracting by little-bird. No recording of my microphone input. Mission created by Lothrigen. Addons used – JSRS sound mod. Participants: Overlord [CiA] Misha Jager Variable[CiA]

11.08.2011 – “Wildcat”

British Armed Forces mission – Clearing an insurgent infested village. Wildcat insertion, support and extraction. Nice quick mission. Sound mod used – JSRS. Join the CiA coop nights! Visit www.ciahome.net for more details. Participants – Nikkiler (French accent, Wildcat pilot) Overlord [CiA] (Norwegian accent, second in command) Blake Musroom Jager …

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