M4 – The Multiplayer Mission Maker Manual

In recent weeks and months I have come across a couple of missions while playing with our squad that were either not functioning correctly or were downright broken. A lot of the issues can be explained by the simple fact that we play on a dedicated server as opposed to hosted games. In this document I will try to outline my experience with mission making and how to make solid, working missions that are compatible to both single- and multiplayer, as well as working on hosted and dedicated environments. Most of that experience was gained through trial and error and loads of frustration, so take everything in here with a grain of salt. For me, writing this guide has been a learning experience as well, and once I sat down and started writing, I discovered a lot of problems that I had in my own missions.

My main focus is no-respawn, hardcore coop, and that is what I will be focusing on in this gude. A lot of the multiplayer concepts in Arma 3 are, however, applicable to all types of missions. However, large-scale PvP scenarios will have other performance and optimization issues than low- to mid-scale coop missions. My experience is with the latter, specifically, missions with up to 30 or so players against AI.

This is not intended to be an all-out scripting guide. A certain proficiency with Arma 3 Scripting in general is assumed for this. We’ll only concentrate on the multiplayer parts, and there mainly on the pitfalls people might encounter.

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