LDDK, CiA & Folk joint coop

Hello fighting men of CiA, the large coop event is now confirmed, December 4th 2011 @21.00 Fin time (20.00 CET). I will name slots for just you guys, please look for -CiA-. Basic infantry, some humvees and trucks for transport, possibly choppers. LDDK will provide armour and airsupport, unless someone …

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Infra 4 – Music Video

Heard this great music piece on a radio, figured I’d put a ARMA 2 video together from the footage I captured while playing together with Comrades in Arms. music: Max Richter – Infra 4 video edited by Kenwort edited And before bright found ventolin inhalers wo prescription will, soap usually …

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New server url

Announcement! The server IP is now mapped to: server.ciahome.net This means you can just type in that line instead of the ip (remember the port is still 2402) to see our server in the list