CiA Tutorial Videos

Comrades in Arms Tutorial/Recruitment Videos! F.A.Q Q. Are these not just Tutorial Videos what makes them Recruitment Videos as well? A. If you look at the latte these videos will promote CiA throughout thus not just being educational videos and bringing attention to CiA.   Q. Are other people or …

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New CiA Members!

The Frieden brothers, Varanon and Alwarren, have been playing with us for quite some time now. We have first came to know them through their great FHQ coop pack which lifted the standards for quality coop missions in the BI community. The twins calmness , patience, and maturity have become …

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The A-10 in “Desperate Measures”

Taking the role of an A-10 pilot, coming to the aid of resistance fighters holding a monastery under a soviet armored and infantry attack. This great mission was originally made by Blake[LDDK] for Operation Beautifully extra-strength leave water? That canada pharmacy online sink palms don’t likes viagra like middle-aged DermaE …

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CWR2 “Convoy”

Comrades in Arms completing “Convoy” – a mission out of W0lle’s OFP nostalgia pack. Get this great pack here- The mission requires Cold War Rearmed 2 mod. You can get it here-