Needed Addons


Everything you need to have before joining

The Autoconfig URL for our Arma 3 Sync repository is  If you need help, instructions on how to install our addons can be found in this thread on the forum. Note: Currently, only Arma 3 Sync is still supported.

Please make sure install the required addons before attempting to connect to the server.

Required Arma 3 addons

Arma 3 Apex DLC
Arma 3 Tanks DLC

(There is an installation guide here)
RHS Escalation (note this includes all RHS addons including GREF and Serbia and all ACE compatibility files)
CUP Complete
FHQ Firearms and Weapons Pack
FHQ Accessories
Hazar-Kot Valley
Aliabad Region
FHQ GroupInfo
FHQ CombatMode
Zeus KLS Flare Fix
VT5 Terrain

ACE 3 optional pbo’s (mandatory for coop night)

The following optional pbo’s from the ACE mod’s “optionals” folder must also be installed.
These can be either put into a separate addon, or just copied over to the ace3 addon folder, at your discretion.

  • ace_compat_rhs_afrf3.pbo
  • ace_compat_rhs_usf3.pbo
  • ace_particles.pbo
  • ace_tracers.pbo

Required Addons for Iron Front

The following addons are required to play Iron Front:
From the original Arma 3 Modset:

Additionally, of course, Iron Front A3 and Faces of War:

Required Addons for Unsung

Again, some addons needed from the original modset:

Plus, the Unsung mod itself:

Getting the addons

We offer several methods of downloading the addons, first via Workshop collections, and secondly, via Arma 3 Sync
The following Collections on the Steam Workshop are available:

In addition, you can also use our Arma 3 Sync repositories autoconfig URLs

For more information on these repositories, check this thread on the forum. More information on how to use Arma 3 Sync for this purpose can also be found on this thread.

Alternatively, if you are using the Arma 3 Launcher, you can import the modlist directly into the Launcher while automatically subscribing and loading the mods. To do this, launch the Arma 3 Launcher (by clicking on Play on the Steam Library page). Then, switch to the Mods page when the launcher comes up. In the top right is a button that allows you to manage profiles. Click it, and a bar will open on the side with all your presets, as well as an “Import” button at the bottom. Click import, and either browse to the downloaded modlist, or cut&paste the url into the “File name” field. This will create a new profile “Imported preset” that has all the mods in it. They are subscribed, downloaded and loaded automatically.

The profile contains the JSRS mods as well as Blastcore, which are both optional. If you don’t want those, unload them. Also, there is one mod that is not available on the workshop, the KLS Flare Fix. This still needs to be downloaded manually. Also, while part of the ACE distribution, the tracer and particles addons also need to be loaded manually by clicking “local mod” on the launcher, and adding @ace/optionals/@ace_tracers and @ace/optionals/@ace_particles.

Optional Addons

JSRS Sound Mod
Blastcore Edited (stand-alone version)
CH Bright Nights

How to install and use addons and mods ?

This guide will help you understand how to install and activate addons and mods in Arma 3:
Read the article at

This thread on our forum will also give additional hints for using Arma 3 Sync and similar tools.

Forbidden addons:

Addons or mods that will give you advantage over what was intended by the missions design are forbidden as well, like addons that will enhance your gear, addons that will extend your visibility, and addons or mods that might interfere with online gameplay.

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