Needed Addons

Everything you need to have before playing with us

Play WithSIX or SIX Updater users may use the profile and instructions found on this post. Arma3Sync users can use the profile and instructions found on this post.

Please make sure install the required addons before attempting to connect to the server.

Required Arma 3 addons

All Arma 3 Official DLCs

Task Force Arrowhead Radio
RHS Escalation
CUP Terrains
CUP Weapon
CUP Units
CUP Vehicles
ACR – Army of the Czech Republic
FHQ Firearms and Weapons Pack
FHQ Accessories
F.A.T.A. – Federally Administered Tribal Areas, Pakistán
Hazar-Kot Valley
Aliabad Region
PR Afghan Village
MRT Accessory Functions
FHQ GroupInfo
FHQ CombatMode
Helmet Mounted Displays Mod
Zeus KLS Flare Fix
VT5 Terrain

Forbidden addons:

Addons or mods that will give you advantage over what was intended by the missions design. Like addons that will enhance your gear, addons that will extend your visibility, and addons or mods that might interfere with online gameplay.


How to install and use addons and mods ?

This guide will help you understand how to install and activate addons and mods in Arma 3:
Read the article at


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