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Operation Thunderstorm (SP / COOP 11) - Benchmark - 11-01-2019

An F-18 was shot down by Csat forces. Our pilot reported two enemy fighter jets chasing him until we lost contact with him near Iraklia.

While the F-18 crashed into the sea, the pilot GPS tracking device was activated few seconds after,
 letting us know his location in every second.

His current location considered to be a very hostile zone.

1. Find the pilot and extract him back to safety
2. Retaliate and destroy Csat assets

[Image: ZsroLrR.jpg]

RE: Operation Thunderstorm (SP / COOP10-11) - Variable - 11-01-2019

Sounds great. Why 10_11? If because of the zeus slot please keep it co@10_operation... Uploading as co@10, please let me know if I need to rename it.

RE: Operation Thunderstorm (SP / COOP10-11) - Benchmark - 11-02-2019

because i don't have a clue if we need four F18, or we can just play with three..but there is an option for 4 F18

Operation Thunderstorm (SP / COOP10-11) - Variable - 11-02-2019

Take your best guess then. That’s no reason to use a range of playable slots. No problem in updating the mission name and slot number if you change your mind. So I take it that now it’s for 11?

RE: Operation Thunderstorm (SP / COOP10-11) - Benchmark - 11-02-2019

No, lets try it with 10..
I almost managed to destroy all the AA by the fifth time

RE: Operation Thunderstorm (SP / COOP10-11) - Benchmark - 11-11-2019

1. Harm missiles added for two F-18
2. Two Tigris replaced by ZU-23
3. Gps and smoke grenade added to the pilots. 
4. Changed time of operation a bit

Please note that file name changed from `co@10` to `co@11` but we can play it 10 or 11 anyway.

RE: Operation Thunderstorm (SP / COOP 11) - Variable - 11-12-2019

Uploaded. I'd say most (if not all)  missions that are for 11 players fit 10 players as well.