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Interesting things - Alwarren - 04-13-2016

This video didn't fit in the "Funny things", "Scary Things", or any other thread we have, so I started this - Interesting things. Things that should get you thinking.

This is a video dealing with the mechanics and content of The Division, not on the basis of the game mechanics but rather of the depiction of a real world scenario:

Re: Interesting things - Den - 04-14-2016

I started my degree in September 2013. DayZ Standalone was released in December 2013. I have almost graduated and DayZ Standalone still is not out of Alpha.

RE: Interesting things - treendy - 10-04-2016

Thought this would fit best in "Interesting Things".... I seemed to have received two compliments from Liberty Valance  in a row?  (and both missions have no virtual ammo create)

 Sad ?  Big Grin ?

RE: Interesting things - Phantom - 02-19-2018

Since I have a rat problem in the attic... I decided to watch some people shoot up some rats with air rifles. I guess pest control + marksmanship

(some Brits DIY night vision hunting rats with air pellets)

RE: Interesting things - Phantom - 07-25-2018

For anyone who owns cats @Misha

RE: Interesting things - Variable - 07-25-2018

I don't need a tool for licking my cat.

RE: Interesting things - Misha - 07-25-2018

My younger cat is crazy about brushing, but my current brush I use is just fine, the other one does not like to be messed with Smile

RE: Interesting things - Alwarren - 07-25-2018

Variable Wrote:I don't need a tool for licking my cat.

Disturbing images in my head Big Grin