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Full Version: 2 matches 18.05.2003?
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Is it possible to play 2 matches at 18.05.2003?

First against TornadoSquad at 17:00 GMT (18:00 CET/CiA-Time) not confirmed yet.

Second against [SCR] at 20:00 GMT (21:00 CET/CiA-Time). This is confirmed.
guess we only should play one match per day. If problems show up or match is time intense we will run into problems like RN did lately.
Yes one per day. A Lion can only eat so much per day.
Yes Y quess that 1 match per day was better
We then can move to afternoon at weekdays?
What Lob? I dont't understand. Weekadays afternoon matches?
Can you explain more?
Quote:We then can move to afternoon at weekdays?

Not for me. Evening it is.
The guys of [TS] are only 12 year old (or arround). they cannot play that late (they must go to bed).

The guy who talks to me asks every day for a solution, but as it looks like, it's nearly not possible to play against them.
do we buy them candies ?
They have permission to play ?

Afternoon is quite impossible for most of us ... even if i can make it ... still not enough players on our side who can ...


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