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Full Version: CHallange from Roughnecks [RN] on EFL
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Hi all comrades,

we got a challange from Roughnecks on EFL.

I have not accepted right now, but should do soon, so please all tell who wish to play and I accept and do the rest about date with them.


Hi Comrades

always ready !

so lets check with others !

Clans / Squads: Roughnecks [RN] vs Comrades in Arms [CiA]
Date: 11th of May
Server: [CiA]
Map: ctf 24 efl everon v2.4
No. of games: 2 (3)
Players: 6 vs 6
Time: 20:00 GMT = 21:00 CET (CiA-Time)

CTF = the squad with the most Captured flags after 2 rounds wins. Kills don't count! If both squads have the same number of captured flags after 2 rounds then a 3rd round will be played. In this 3rd round the squad that captures a flag first is the winner.

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i ll take that flag....lob Wink
I just shot the soldier who shot Daemon.
My rifle is clean and ready!
Woops actually after tonight it will be dirty....

Unless I cower like a Frenchman and stay in a bush....

Hmm sounds like a good idea....

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hmm... seen some guys (3) of [RN] lately on a server. When they play the match like this, we can win the match. But I don't know if these are the guys who also play the match.