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Full Version: Russian OFP clan HA[CCCP] wants a match
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Hi Comrades,

Striker from Russian OFP clan HA[CCCP] asked about a match.

Date: on a sunday
Time: 20:00 GMT
Place: HA[CCCP] Server
Map: EFL C&H Malden
Players: approx. 5

please all post who can play.
I will be there.

20:00GMT means 19:00 CiA/German time, right?
Why HA[CCCP] Server? ist it a good one? (Cannot belive that it is better than the CiA server ;-)
If it is this Sunday yes.
sorry, still on holidays ...

be back next wednesday !

Be the force with you comrades !
It is 21.00 CiA time, right?
yep, 21:00 CiA time....

I think sunday 04.05.2003 will be a good date to do the match, so the most are there.
i'll be there if it's on the 4th of may !

You can count on me then !