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Full Version: Joint Operation with Folk - February 2, Saturday
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We are invited to a joint operation with Folk. The event will take place on Saturday, February 2, at 20:00 CET (that's one hour later than our usual coop night time).
The current plan is for a session with two missions - one coop and the other a TvT.
Mod pack is to be determined, it should be mostly stuff we already use.
More information will follow, subscribe to this topic to stay tuned.

Please reply here if you intend to join, we need to inform on the size of the team we will have.

Post by Fer on the Folk forums:

Quote:[url=][EVENT] [Sat] 02 Feb 2019 (RoF/1Tac/TZW/CiA/FA) Post by fer » Tue Jan 08, 2019 9:44 pm
What's the scoop?
We've invited the Space Nazis (1Tac), Tizzies (TZW) and Comrades in Arms (CiA) to a joint session. And, because we're also humanitarians, we've even invited the Mainland (Folk ARPS) to send a contingent. Which will be under armed escort and constant surveillance, and that's assuming they can even get the money together to fuel their propeller-driven transport plane.

When is it?
20:00 UK on Saturday 02 February 2019.

Does this replace the regular Republic of Folk session?
Yes. Please note the earlier start time.

Will we need to download additional mods?
You'll need to install a new repo in Swifty, but if you already have the RoF, 1Tac or CiA repos installed then it's likely that most of the addons will already be on your PC (remember to use Swifty's Additional Folders feature to save on duplicate downloads). The address is:
Which server will we use?
The Republic of Folk Arma 3 server.

How will we connect?
Once you have the new repo installed, just use Swifty's Play feature to connect.

Which TeamSpeak 3 server will we use?
1Tac have kindly said we can use their TS3 server:
  • Address:
  • Password: No password is required
What kind of missions will we be playing?
We're going to play at least two missions:
  • A specially created coop mission, on Ruha, that will see group-specific elements fighting together against socialists the enemy AI (more details on this will be posted shortly)
  • Fer's Treasure Hunt, on Tanoa, which will be a 3-sided adversarial mission with mixed-group elements on two sides competing against each other whilst fighting a third, AI side
Okay, sounds good. What do you need me to do?
Although it's been some years since our last joint op, we've done this a lot, and we know that it helps to know who the element leaders are beforehand. If you think you'd like to lead an element, or even try your hand at a CO role, please post here or ping one of the hosts on Discord. We may be in touch to give you a pre-briefing opportunity. 

Otherwise, please just come along and enjoy the evening! If you know you're coming along, posting in this thread would be great - it's not obligatory, but it will help us plan things and is greatly appreciated by the hosts.

What if I can't make it until the usual Republic of Folk session start time, at 21:00 UK?
Ping the hosts in Discord and, if there's an opportunity (and we're not too close to the end of a mission), we'll get you JIP'd and assigned to an element. For a small fee, or sexual favour to Tigershark, we may even transport you to the front.

Oh ... can I stream it?
Possibly. We'll want to clear it with the various groups first. After all, some people might be on the run from an oppressive communist regime and not want their locations revealed! Just ask here or ping us on Discord.

Okay. Also, I already know not to ask about whether or not we'll survive. We're all going to die, right?
Some of you, yes. That's capitalism!

These are the mods we will be using: 
All RHS, CUP Core, Ruha and your choice of custom mods. That means of course that you may run your usual CiA profile., wait one this might be more complicated than that. I'm checking.
I should be on as long as work doesn't interfere.
Damn it I would have loved to join but I will be lounging on a beach by then  Sad .......  Big Grin
I'm in
I'm in
(Damn, McG... get your priorities right)
I'm in
I'm in
Sounds fun, count me in!
Easier for me to make some time on Saturdays, I'm in.
OP updated with full event details. I'll update ASAP regarding the mods.
I might see if I can get that day off from work. I have 79 hours of saved up vacation time. I've been saving 40 hours for an emergency trip I might have to make, but I could spare 8 if my boss will OK it. 

20:00 UK time is the time we do co op on our normal co op nights?
No, we usually start at 19:00 UK time, so that means the event starts an hour later than the usual coop time.
I'm in as well.

Folk uses their own modset on their server, and some of the mods are not on the workshop.

It's not many, though.

What I describe here is the easiest way to get set up for the joint op. It assumes for now that you use the Arma 3 launcher, the original one that comes with the game.

First of all, we'll install the non-workshop mods.

  1. Create a folder somwhere, and call it "Folk".  
  2. Then, go to this webpage:
    The first three mods are marked "local". Donwload the zip files, and unpack them in the new directory. 
  3. Next up, launch the Arma 3 Launcher. Usually, this is achieved by pressing "Play" on Steam.
  4. Once the launcher window is up, click on the mod tab. In the upper right corner is a menu called "preset". click it, it will open a side bar with options "Save", "Save as" and at the very bottom "import" (Note: If there is a message bar open, a green bar, close it to see the import). Click "Import" and when the file requester pops up, copy and paste the web page ("") into the filename filed. Click open.
    This will create a new profile "Imported preset". 
  5. Now, click on the "+ local mod" (top bar), and successively add the local mods you downloaded in step 2, one at a time. Just enter the @XXX directory and press ok.
  6. Add these local mods to the profile by clicking the check mark in front. The mods are called "FTH Event mods", "Teamwork (FTH Event)", "Advanced Combat Radio Environment 2".
    Note: The latter is an old, modified version of ACRE. If you see two ACRE mods, select the one without the steam symbol behind it.
  7. Click save
That's it. To start the game, click play.

If you have any more questions, let me know, I'll help out.
Had a week of crunch at work, was hoping I could leave early today, but right now I doubt it. So, I'm pretty sure I can't make it tonight Sad
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