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Full Version: Most Traumatizing Technical Interview
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My friend sent me this on discord...

Poor dog :Sad  but the owner probably shouldn't have let it loose around the new guy doing his interview while he's unaware of the dog near his feet Sad
Jesus.. I once stepped on Varanon's dog foot, and felt like shit over it... thinking to have killed one, I would probably go and drink myself stupid Sad
What really gets me is the comments on it. Shows really well what a fucking bunch of lunatics make Reddit their home.
Me and my wife had similar traumatic experience but with good ending. 

Namely, we rescued a small kitten from the streets. She was small, like month and a half old, as told by veterinarian. But she was small not just because of her age but small as such, even today you could mistake for much younger cat (our older cat is quite huge and fat by contrast).

As any young cat it plays and goes anywhere without sensing any danger, just playing and fooling around. We got used to her appearing anywhere anytime.

But one day she just disappeared, we called her, but she didn't come. We remembered suddenly that our washing machine is working, already rolling almost full speed! Suddenly it occurred to us that she may be inside the washing machine! I refused to believe that something like this would happen, while she was absolutely convinced that cat was inside. She said we killed the cat!

We stopped the machine, and she asked if she could go away why slowly I remained in bathroom, taking laundry out, piece by piece, anticipating that next piece I take will be dead kitten. 

Finally machine was almost empty (I got hit a bit by electricity because some water was still in) but cat was not inside. We were releived.

But then where was she? She was so small that she got under the bad passing through opening that was no more than 1,5 cm high I would say. How did she managed this I have no clue Smile