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Full Version: Flying 17.2
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Surprise Tongue

In case you are planning to do some DCS in the weekend, I will probably join. I am somewhat able not to completely fail with the A-10C now, so I would like to give it a try
Dude, you are way over-qualified Tongue Complete failure is an established part of all our mission 

If somebody who's able to host joins, I could setup an AV8/A10 mission or two. Sidearms seem to work fine now (at least in SP), so we can retry SEAD.
Yes, you are overqualified, so we can already learn from you Wink

Anyway, I will be my usual late, still unable to host. 

And I also need assign commands to my joystick because 2.5 erased all my settings, and I didn't save the old ones, doh.