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Full Version: Challanges
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Hi all Comrades,
I follow the threads about challanges / matches. So I had this idea.
Iljurin and Llauma do the challenges / matches. So that both know which clan / squad is asked, both should post one answer here with something like the following:

Name: CiA
Status: asked 15.05.2002
Date: -
Time: -
Players: 5vs5
Server: Llauma

if answer is there and all ok edit the post like this:

Name: CiA
Status: OK 20.05.2002
Date: 30.05.2002
Time: 21.00 CiA-Time
Players: 5vs5
Server: Llauma / opponent

I think so Iljurin and Llauma knows who is asked and all others know what is done for matches. When match is done, the entry can be deleted.

So Llauma and Iljurin, think about if good or not....
This is how I usually go about it when I challenge a team.

First of all I try to have the icqs of the teamleaders for the top 20 teams and then some that I know of in any way.

I regurlarly keep in touch with them and cheer them when I see them beat another team and then sometimes politely ask when its our turn...I play on several servers regurlarly..WKK, MS, 45Cdo, SWEC, TNF, OFK (not anymore) and so on...

The problem is that noone really refuse direct to me, the most usual thing is like what llauma described...we decide to match and when I wait for confirmation of time and date and number of players they just disappear for a week or two...

An other thing is that they tell me a few days in advance that they had another match they forgot or that they cant field any players that particular day and ask to give me a new date (which they never do)...

I readily admit that during the last weeks I havent done much to get a match going but before my break I was constantly trying to set up matches...I would estimate that behind every played match there is about 10 hours spent searching for an opponent and seeting the match up.