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Full Version: Invite for a large scale TvT Campaign
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Hello, I know you do not really play TvT but I would like to invite you (with permission) to this kind of large scale TvT that might fit with your gamestyle.

Here a description.

Arma Tactical Combat (ATC), founded by BDR Clan in 2008, almost each year organises large scale PvP campaigns (110 players in the last edition, now we aim to have 120).

What is ATC about?

The ATC is a campaign, a series of battles between two organized factions. Each campaign simulate operations between two opposite companies consisting of infantry squads, armored, recon, logistic sections and air support, reflecting nearly real combat balance, leaded by the respective faction commanders.

At the start of the campaign each faction has in control a number of areas, each one consisting of 3 sectors. Each battle consists in a side trying to conquer an area and the other side trying to defend it. The goal of each side/faction is to control the majority of the areas at the end of the campaign.

Each side, or Company, is formed by alliances between different Units, each Unit will provide combat forces to the alliance according to the Unit specialization.

A bit of history:

Starting in 2008 with Arma1, there have been 7 big campaigns so far, varying from 9 to up to 15 battles, in different scenarios, Sahrani, Chernarus, Takistan, Celle2 and Altis.


There are several features that make the ATC gameplay unique, all with the aim to have tactical, teamwork orientated, well organized and enjoyable battles.
  • First person only, No Crosshair, Termal is Disabled, Radar is Disabled.
  • No side chat, only markers allowed to enforce correct radio comms.
  • No vehicle respawn, weapon and vehicle restrictions depending on your role.
  • Player’s respawn is limited by personal tickets and disabled completely in the final phase of the battle. The respawn feature is configured so that it allows a continuous flow of gameplay, but also gives room for units to make critical moves / strikes while their opponent is recovering. That way you gain terrain and you will be able to seize and hold your objective sectors. Penalty for death are not to be taken lightly, the respawn is only in base and, due to to the large maps, it will take quite some time to get back into the area of operations.
  • Specific rules to conquer the sectors making the capture not an easy stuff as you need a critical amount of attackers and defenders beyond a critical number.
Battle day and time: Sundays at 18.00 UTC

Edition #8

Edition #8 of the Campaign will start on September 17th with a Preliminary Battle that will serve as general test and warm-up.
Some novelties will be introduced in this edition, affecting the general gameplay, in particular we will use ACE3, we will add new vehicles and roles, and several new features. You can read the specific features of the Edition #8 in the ATC#8 presentation.

In short the essential infos:
  • Scenario: Altis
  • Battle area will span both the west and east part of the island.
  • Mods: CBA; ACE3 (ATC version); @ATC8; Task Force Radio
  • Battle day and time: Sundays at 18.00 UTC, weekly for 9 battles
  • Preliminary battle date: September 17th, 2017
You can register individually or as a group
To learn more please visit the website:
Hope to have raised your interest and to see you in battles!
All best regards
ATC Admin

If you wish you can contact me on steam
Thanks Nemesi! Guys, we will not be attending as a team, but if there are individuals here who would like to participate, write here and Nemesi will see if you can join.