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A place to post screenshots or videos for DCS World.
Thanks for opening up those threads Etzu.

I'll just start and break this one in with a video of our last coop flight. Etzu and I (M2000C) are hunting down a russian AWACS with fighter escort.

Since we had two coop night debuts on saturday, here are some pics of my new bird:

[Image: nnXAK1b.jpg]
[Image: Q7li3G6.jpg]
[Image: zRAHing.jpg]

I don't have pics of the Viggen since I didn't see much of it after we took off. Maybe Sithis/Unnamed can provide some
Sithis Playing hide and seek with a russian chopper

[Image: Co8Mbvb.jpg]

Sithis flying past the mi24 he just blew up wit a RB 75 (AGM 65) he overtook the missile after firing Big Grin

[Image: XtEK0Px.jpg]

RB 04 on its way to a hostile ship

[Image: jkji4Am.jpg]

four RB 04 we fired on their way to a group of 3 ships

[Image: WiVitzx.jpg]

The Corvettes try their best to fend of the RB 04 (they failed Big Grin)

 [Image: 4QiTDOX.jpg]

two of our missiles decided to go for the tanker in the middle of the group

[Image: QvQzW8E.jpg]

different attack. the rb04 and the rb15 can be set to a mode where they will pick a target out of a group they pick up at random, i think we got the first 3 ship of this formation

[Image: 9RMDnHv.jpg]
All your screenshots are broken, Unnamed
I hope they work now... first time i tried to post the screenshots via my dropbox
I hope you all found 1 minute DCS by now

So a couple of screenshots

SEAD in the Viggen is not the most effective, but certainly the most fun
[Image: vf2zx1v.jpg?2]

The Maverick even works against helicopters
[Image: Oz1U53g.jpg?1]

Cool guys don't look at explosions
[Image: xWhDXXm.jpg?1]

Always wanted to try this. This is something that is actually beeing used to extract and insert people in on tight rooftops and such.
[Image: QMC6jex.jpg?1]

Misha running in to take down the AA launchers.
[Image: JaTch25.jpg?1]

Unnameds first ship landing.
[Image: x8RUxCr.jpg?1]

There is space for two UH-1 .... just and in reality the deck can not carry the weight, but hey we did it.
[Image: LxczmtY.jpg?1]
when everybody else was RTB for rearm or repairs Sithis told me to "go have a look at the convoi coming from the west"
reluctantly I did as I was told , but i took down half the convoi with me Big Grin
[Image: SHzBebs.jpg]
Never task Unnamed aka "Huey the Destroyer" with a recon mission.

Took some pictures as well:

[Image: AfuMHdP.jpg?1]
Highway to the dangerzone!

[Image: FvX7u1H.jpg]
Viggens in formation and the Mirages are engaging the enemy above.

Beta testing a mission I am working on:
[Image: 1idwkzC.jpg]
Shit is going down.
well ... for doing recon with a huey you need to get quite close to be able to tell the vehicles apart as it does not come with those fancy Sensors xD... and as soon as they start firing at me I fire of course. Big Grin
So, in light of our latest feats of greatness I've decided to it's as good a time as any for this (note that there's some weird texture bug in DCS atm, the blue boxes shouldnt be there...):
[Image: 7dg8vvd.jpg]

[Image: 0u8l8Xv.jpg]

[Image: 13FjJ54.jpg]

I originally wanted to wait with releasing this once there's a Spitfire texture template, but hey...
This is great! And it would be just as fitting on the A10 to be honest.

Don't really appreciate that you recorded how often exactly I died, but hey.

Talking about the A-10. A four-ship formation of those bad boys is always a little special.

[Image: ezGruFD.jpg?1]

Even if we sometimes get lost. Yeah, boys, there is no taxiway there.

[Image: VjTLz4Y.jpg]

Unnamed Brrrrting a tank. 
[Image: yDQrDec.jpg]

Meanwhile, I am RTB. This is fine.
[Image: N7opkO7.jpg]

Uh-1s getting ready.
[Image: Q6gukAU.jpg]

Gunslinger 1 and 2 switching positions with 3 and 4 to clear the way for the convoy.
[Image: Z2hlyQQ.jpg]
Here's a few screenshots from some previous flying nights:

[Image: t4r3etk4l5l5t666g.jpg]
[Image: dslb0oi8hbich6y6g.jpg]
[Image: v1kdpr324mbodxf6g.jpg]
[Image: s6uz4dyso4o32k76g.jpg]
[Image: h9i8y74igcap2ra6g.jpg]
[Image: k58j8ni8ain1csc6g.jpg]
[Image: oeu44anfl35z5q76g.jpg]
[Image: zy1a0wrh04833gs6g.jpg]
[Image: 84cdhl6jyhd84gg6g.jpg]
[Image: gstes8g6lgutu2c6g.jpg]
[Image: mmt56v4cu3tfebr6g.jpg]
[Image: 7neieh0ye478eil6g.jpg]
[Image: 4i1ac9g49v0nvcb6g.jpg]
[Image: dxlx84b1z8tlxdl6g.jpg]
[Image: 30kl33cykpjqfku6g.jpg]
[Image: xi3gicyix955bq46g.jpg]
[Image: 28k4v2i4t2tgz276g.jpg]
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