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Full Version: "Game Over" Mission - How did you play it? [SPOILER]
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I spotted a Hunter south of the starting position, right by a skirmish of CSAT and AAF. I waited for CSAT to wipe out the AAF team, and snuck in. I used the 3G to soften them up, then jumped into the Hunter's gunner seat and took them out (or at least I though I have). I drove over to loot their corpses and ofcourse the only guy I missed was the RPG gunner. Fortunately, he missed his shot and I ran him over.

I drove to the stranded NATO team and took over them. Went to the research center, finished off a bunch of CSAT SPECOPS and repaired and refueled the Hunter at the Tempest trucks. By that time the task to rescue the FIA team from the minefield in the swamp ticked, so I drove to the nearby AAF helipad to the north east of the research center. A large team of NATO backed with Marid APC support just finished off the defenders of the helipad and I strolled like a king into the base. a Hellcat was standing there, ripe for the taking. I got my team inside and took off towards the swamp. I flew low and fast and avoided potential enemy concentrations. I landed on their heads, took the FIA team aboard and bugged out of Altis.

How did you do this mission?