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Full Version: GroupInfo - Label range discussion
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This is how GroupInfo currently works in terms of Labels:

- Maximum display range is 30 meters.
- If a unit is obscured, maximum range is 15 meters.
- Labels turn transparent with range.

The question is now:
- Is 30 m too little?

In my opinion it isn't. The reason for mk4 HUD and GroupInfo now is to allow to identify a player that otherwise has no distinguishing features (except people using custom faces, like Gwyn or myself). It should not be used to find people or as a shortcut to identify friend or foe. That is why I chose a relatively short range. Originally I wanted LOS check to completely hide the icon for that unit. The reduced draw distance is IMO a good compromise.

The only extra thing I could imagine would be useful is to extend the range of the label IF and ONLY IF the cursor is on the target. I.e. if I see someone, I could point at him and check if that's my buddy Jim or someone else.

First of all, this is a wonderful addon that brings a lot of improvements to the 'playability' of the game and I am grateful that you put so much effort into the addon itself as well as the general common experience. Second, this an attempt at constructive criticism (or rather a feature request?).

In my opinion 30m is not enough in situations (and not only then) where you need to coordinate the team you are leading or coordinate action with team mates, especially when the team has more than a couple of members and all are keeping ideal spacing (i.e. and not all huddling around one medium sized pebble). 

I found the idea of longer display distances, that would also depend on visibility conditions, to be a very good one. It doesn't have to be 100m in perfect visibility conditions. 50 meters seems like a sensible distance to have under perfect conditions. I don't know how difficult it is to implement this or what the additional performance hit would be, but it would be somewhat close to what real life cognition allows and would, for me at least, improve the overall experience.

Another feature I would appreciate, would be a toggle function. If selected the names would remain for a couple of seconds and then fade away. Having a key pressed especially when you at the same time need to be doing other things (such as radio communication) is not that convenient.

Also Ive noticed that the function is not available while in bleeding state. Not sure if its by design, but that is something I feel should be enabled.
I think 30-50 m seems ok for name visibility imo.

I agree with Val however, a toggle function would be very good where names stay up for a few seconds to make up for inconvenient key binds (Due to CBA ofc). Looking around with L Win/Space and alt is very inconventient. Key binds wise, Tilde was ideal key imo. Too bad it doesn't work with command menu.
Personally I never found it awkward to press Space to trigger mk4_HUD but I'm using EDtracker so I can see how it might be tricky whilst also holding Alt for free look.

The only complication was that being tied to the Select All Units key meant it opened the menu, which I then had to close but this is solved by GI having its own keybind.

As for range, 30m does seem quite generous when I picture how far that is but I might revise my opinion after testing it on an op. I don't have any relevant real-world experience, so if there's a consensus that 50m is more realistic I'm happy to accept that. Certainly I can imagine one would be able to identify friendly uniforms quite easily at that distance in clear weather and even recognise close friends/comrades from their physical attributes, their gait, etc.
I would agree with bumping it up to 50m, personally.
(04-17-2016, 08:36 PM)MavericK link Wrote: [ -> ]I would agree with bumping it up to 50m, personally.

The latest version is at 50 meters