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Full Version: Need help with: sound mod
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Hey all. I was wondering if there is anyone who might be able to help me finish my sound mod for ArmA2...that is if anyone still plays it. I am also trying to incorporate what's in the ArmA2 sound mod I am creating into ArmA3.  Problem is is my motivation. So does anyone want a newer type of sound mod for ArmA2? I'll post a sample on a link here in a bit. thanks everyone
Thank you for your effort buddy!
Dunno about the others, but I personally played A2 almost 2 years ago, i dont even have it installed anymore.
As for A3 sounds you can always join CUP team Wink
CUP Team?
(12-31-2015, 09:12 PM)Chammy link Wrote: [ -> ]CUP Team?
Thank you. Checking it out now  Big Grin

Use this link to join our public discord channel. We can take it from there Smile
heh Ive just joined up  ;D thank you. Going through the steps right now