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Full Version: Windows 10 Computer Automatically Turns On
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One thing that bothers me when I try to get some sleep sometimes is that when I upgraded my computer to Windows 10, it always automatically turn itself on sometimes. Only my computer does this and my mom's and secondary computer does not.

I thought my problem ended when I went into power settings and disable fast startup. Just yesterday my computer turns on in the middle of the night again which annoys me when I'm trying to get some sleep. This time I just click shutdown and switch off my PSU so it won't do that to me again. My computer started up okay today, but I'm wondering if there'll be any long term problems if I switch the PSU off too and on too much? The computer was already turned off. If I disconnect the power from the computer while it was still on, then I would get startup problems and would have to system restore. If I turn it off then do it, there won't be problems from what I've seen so far.

My biggest pet peeve of Windows 10 though, is that my computer automatically turns on. I just want sleep -_-
Eh, when you use shutdown or Hibernate (not sure if this is similar to fast startup), the computer already shuts off completely. The PSU also shuts down, and waits for a tiny signal to turn itself on again. So when the PC is off (fan is not running), it's completely acceptable to switch off the PSU (or use the knob on your power rail if you use one).

And indeed, never unplug/kill the PSU when windows is running, because you can get corrupted files.

That's not a real solution to this problem of course, and I assume it has to do something with automatic updates, but I dont have 10 yet...
I had the same problem with windows 7 ..... and the electricity bill that came with it... in the end it seems that the windows network group seems to have caused it since every time a pc in our network (still not sure wether it was my mediacenter raspberry or one of the pcs at my parrents place) looked for media it turned on.
maybe have a look at the activity protocol, that gave me the hint I needed
I never had that problem with windows 7, just 10. It seems most prominent during update times. I did kill the computer while it turned on one time and had to do a system restore because of corrupted files twice. I couldn't help it that time. I was trying to get some good night sleep and a bright screen turning on in the middle doesn't help xD
Try this:
Quote:Do you have an Intel chipset motherboard?  If so, you need to go in to Device Manager and find Intel Management Engine.  Right click on it, choose properties, and on the last tab, uncheck any of the power options.
..and this:
Quote:Use the command line to find what causes the PC to wake up One way to find out what is causing a wake-up problem is provided by the command line. Open a command prompt with elevated privileges and enter this command:
    powercfg –lastwake
The last device that woke up the system will be shown.
To find out which devices are enabled to wake up the PC, enter this command
    powercfg -devicequery wake_armed
These commands are the same in Windows 7 on up through Windows 10.
Have you sorted out your problem?
It mentions my mouse, keyboard, and ethernet for the last command. I haven't done anything else after since I don't got time for now since I'm swamped with stuff to do so I just shut off the PSU for now.
I had such issue when I was on windows 8, I think some of your devices are waking up your pc.
Go to device manager, find your network device and open it's properties, in power tab, check "only wake up on magic pulses", or just uncheck "let this device to wake up my pc".
also I recommend you uncheck last option I said for your mouse device too.
hope this fix it for you.
I had the same issue when I first upgraded to Windows 10. I did what FlashPoint suggested and it fixed it for me
Okay, trying what flashpoint suggested. powercfg -devicequery wake_armed shows none now that I did that. Time to test and see Smile
Personally i never understood the reason for upgrading to windows 7. I have 2 PC's both running windows 7 for gaming and for work, windows updates have been disabled for more than 2 years(never saw the need to change and relearn a whole new UI) and they have served me well since. I've tried windows 10 on other computers and it seems like it offers the same features as windows 7 just repackaged with a new overlay, perhaps with a few more features, but nothing very compelling. Some people will have a preference for windows 10 if they own an assortment of windows devices for the whole ecosystem thing but other than that why did you guys go for the upgrade from 7 or 8 to 10?
Well to be honest the only reason I upgraded, and would consider Windows 10 on my future machines is DX12. Simple as that
Arma 3 runs better for me on Windows 10 than it did on Windows 7, plus I can finally run ReShade.
Windows 10 run Arma 3 better for me. I can run Reshade without crashing now so that's a bonus. Awaiting DX12 is nice. It's pretty similar to 7 in terms of UI to me so there's no relearning needed.
It's been seven days since Win 10 has entered my life. I still have this feeling that switch was not necessary, Win 7 was still good for me. Actually, it's a bit intrusive with its Cortana and all those attempts to interact with me. I'm like leave me alone, be a dumb machine waiting for input, stop proactively trying to please me! Not to mention links to payware and all those MS services. I'm loosing some time every time I need to find something because of new layout and design. All in all, I think Win 7 was my perfect Windows.
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