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Full Version: Cyprus Push-to-Hear
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I came across this addon yesterday. It let's you configure a key to lower the sound volume (by a percentage you set in the config) monetarily to better hear the radio. Very useable in Helos, vehicles, loud fire fights etc. No need to Tab out any more  Big Grin
Seems to me that would be more hassle than using the TS3 Volume Control plugin though, as that automatically lowers the game volume, by a % you set, when someone is speaking, without having to hold another key.
I've been looking at that one too but I only really need to lower it occasionally. For example. Get into chopper, press H, (I have it set as a toggle) pretend I put headphones on, other vehicle, same thing. The problem I see when constantly changing the volume every time someone speaks is that A. I would find it annoying B. It's not always necessary to lower the volume., you could easily miss someone trying to sneak up on you as there is occasionally a lot of chatter. In the end I think I prefer to have control over it my self
Ah fair enough, I didn't realise it had a toggle option as well.

I still prefer volume control myself as I'd rather make sure I can hear comms at all times whilst being able to enjoy the game sounds when no-one's talking but if it's only a problem for you in vehicles then I can see this being a better option.
I would like to bring this old thread of mine back to life seeing as there has been many incidents lately of people having trouble hearing comms over excessively loud UAZs, tanks, helicopters etc. It's an absolutely brilliant addon that has aided me for quite some time now
Thanks, after that UAZ yesterday, I'll definitely give it a try
I'll vouch for det brilliancy of this addon
Me too now. Tried it, and it's great, it even keeps the AI chatter on it's original sound level.
Glad you like it. I've been using it for a good while and it's invaluable to me
It's what keept me somewhat sane during the frog attack
This mod is not listed on our website under optional mods. Is it still part of A3Sync (I use Workshop nowadays)?
I have not used it in a while and especially in vehicles I am missing it now.

Would it also be possible to isolate ACEX's Volume Toogle and use that as an optional client side addon (as adding all of ACEX probably means adding it to the server as well?)?

You can use Push-to-hear for Coop nights, no problem