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Full Version: Folk/ARPS, CiA & LDDK Joint Session: [Sun] 25 March 2012
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Quote:Reminder: If you don't already know how to configure and use TeamSpeak 3's Channel Commander feature, please re/re-read the Getting started with TeamSpeak 3 (for ArmA2) thread before the event, even if you do not plan on taking a leadership role. Thank you.

Comrades of CiA, your comrades at Folk/ARPS invite you to join them and LDDK in the struggle for collectivisation of farms and the creation of a socialist agrarian utopia. Again.

I'm new to CiA, what are the joint sessions like?
Here are some AAR threads from the more recent joint sessions: When is it?
19:00 UK (20:00 CET) on Sunday 25 March 2012.

Yes, but I don't live in Britain nor in Central Europe, when does it start for me?
Click here to find the session's start time in your local time zone, and how much time is left until the session starts.

Which OA server will we use?
The Folk ArmA2: Combined Operations server:
  • Address:
  • Port: 2402
  • Password: freedom
Which TeamSpeak 3 server will we use?
Folk/ARPS/CiA guests, please use the Folk TS3 server:
  • Address: (note: the domain and port go together)
  • Password: freedom
Note: LDDK guests will use the LDDK Mumble server. Co-ordination will be via VON in the COY CO element.

Are any addons allowed, or just vanilla ArmA 2: Combined Operations?
Just vanilla ArmA 2: Combined Operations. You may run client-side addons (STHUD etc.) but not those that might give you a competitive advantage against humans (e.g. mods that allow you to control your view distance). Please, please do NOT connect with such mods. Connecting with ACE2 or ACRE loaded may cause the server to crash - please do not be the one to delay 50+ other players.

What kind of missions will we be playing?
More details will be announced closer to the event. Be sure to subscribe to this thread for updates.

Okay, sounds good. What do you need me to do?
Just come along and enjoy the evening, comrade! If you know you're coming along, posting in this thread would be great - it's not obligatory, but it will help us plan things and is greatly appreciated by the hosts.

Okay. Also, I already know not to ask about whether or not we'll survive. We're all going to die.
Die gloriously, comrade. Gloriously.

I might be in reserve service... The gods of Arma keep me away from joint ops lately!
Guys, please post here your probability of attending.
I'll be there. A shame we're skipping a month though.
I might be there, since it's so far away I don't know for sure. Why so far away?
Very likely to be there as always.
Bumping this up. Who will be able to attent? I most likely will be able to.
Most likely attending too.
Confirming attendance.
Tentative - I still haven't found anything regarding my mipmap issue that's helpful.
I'm quite sure I can make it this time. Count me in!
I should be there too.
Hmm I might not make it after all  >Sad
We are low on numbers it seems, couple of maybes and two attending. What do we do?
(03-25-2012, 01:29 PM)Misha link Wrote:We are low on numbers it seems, couple of maybes and two attending. What do we do?
I think it's safe to assume that more will come. Our numbers on Sundays are usually around 10-12. I guess People just don't bother to confirm.
Nobody bothers with forums anymore.  ???
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