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Full Version: Folk & CiA joint coop and adversarial October 30
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This obviously isn't a full AAR but I thought I'd throw down things from my perspective for "Moonless"

  At the start of things, Head and I quickly hopped in our Mi-24 Gunship and surveyed our weapon loadout, map position, and orders.  We had only a small chin cannon, a few guided ATGM's and quite a few FFAR's.  We were positioned a fair distance north east from the rest of the platoon at Rasman airfield.  Our orders were to maneuver as we saw fit, do some recon of the target areas and to support the ground troops as best we could. (Supporting the infantry is what air assets are for after all!)

We quickly moved west towards Nagara, north of the target area using the terrain for cover as we didn't want to end up alone and on the wrong end of the AAA that was reported to be in the area.  Once we arrived on station, it was apparent that we would not be able to effectively support the platoon from our position, so we made a quick decision to reposition to the southwest of the platoon's ambush location so we could support the initial engagement. 

After arriving at our new holding position we waited in cover of the mountains for the engagement to start.  While we waited, we tried a few practice pop ups.  However we were unable to get a good range and firing solution on the expected ambush position.  In view of that, we elected to stay put until the fireworks started so we could help mop up.  After the infantry platoon opened up, we moved in a bit closer to assist but after hearing initial reports of enemy MANPAAD's we ducked back into cover and utilized pop up attacks from behind the hill until most of the enemy column was down.  At that point we continued to provide cover while the assault on the main target area was getting lined out.

Reports from the scouts suggested that some of the infantry fireteams reposition to the north west of the main target area.  The commander quickly agreed and we were tasked with putting the Mi-24's large transport bay to use.  We approached the LZ and immediately started taking small arms fire from the north east.  Fireteams Alpha and Bravo (I think they were the first two?)  boarded quickly and we got airborne.  We swept around to the new deployment area and elected to drop the troops just behind the designated area to make use of the crest of the hill.  Unfortunately, I misjudged the landing slightly, overloading the landing gear dampeners and taking a small amount of damage to the main engine.  After reprimanding myself for such carelessness, we proceeded back to the ambush LZ to pick up the remaining squads.

Once Charlie fireteam and the Command element were aboard at the assault LZ we headed back to the deployment LZ to set them down.  Another miscalculation on my part flew us partly over the target area, not the brightest of ideas.  This time it cost us in the form of taking fire from the AAA canons that the scouts had warned us about.  Fortunately before they got a good bead on us, we were safely behind the hill once more.  We set Charlie and Command down and received a "Hind, Dismount" order.  After shutting down and hopping out Head pointed out that the order was clearly just for the embarked infantry, blushing from idiocy I once again boarded my cockpit...

It quickly became clear that the situation on the ground was heating up so we requested permission to relocate, and provide CAS.  Unfortunately due to the heavy coms traffic we were not able to make use of the spotter team for Forward Air Control so we decided that we would be most useful on the north east corner of the target area.  Taking a gamble that any MANPAAD's were out of comission by this point we took a high altitude approach so any canon fire from the AAA would be ineffective.  Utilizing our radar, we quickly acquired targets for and fired off all our ATGM's (I was unclear on our loadout, I believe we started with six, with two confirmed hits.)  After engaging all we could with ATGM's, we started to engage soft targets with the cannon, but due to the small loadout we found ourselves winchester quickly. 

Radio chatter from the ground forces indicated that they had made an initial pass of the target area and had not found as many enemy assets as the scouts had initially reported.  Head spotted a few trucks but was out of cannon and ATGM munitions leaving us only with the ample supply of FFAR's.  The issue surrounding that was that while the gunner was the only one able to fire them (in this case), they are aligned with the nose of the aircraft.  This presented quite a challenge in gunnery as I had to pilot a good firing solution and call for him to fire once my reticule was on target.  After confirming quickly that there were no friendlies nearby, we engaged a technical that was close by, scoring good hits after only a few ranging shots.  Head quickly spotted the last truck that the ground teams were searching for and talked me onto the target, dispatching it in short order.  Shortly after that the commander called the target area clear and we headed back to the base for some well earned cold, frosty beers!  (Okay, that last part may be slightly invented but after such an intense flight I sure needed a beer!)

A big thanks to Head for his fine gunnery.  Without that, we would not have been able to effectively support the infantry platoon and we would have been a quite useless addition to the game.

As I mentioned before, that experience piloting for that mission was the most fulfilling experience I've had in Arma 2 and possibly one of the best moments in gaming for me.  I personally enjoy flying quite a bit in Arma, but tooling about in the skies is just aimless sightseeing without hard fighting ground forces to support.  Sometimes that means laying down CAS, sometimes giving a few elements a lift, and sometimes just putting eyes on things from a different perspective.  Its always enjoyable for me, but this was even more so in having a group of this size to support.  Thanks again for the opportunity and I'm definitely looking forward to being able to play in a Folk session again soon! (even if I have to keep my boots on the ground) :p   

Great AAR Stoops!

I would like to add my own big thank you to CiA for inviting me to participate in today's incredibly fun events! And a big thank you to Folk as well! This was my first experience with coordinated play in Arma 2 - I can see why people say the game really shines in multiplayer, as this was one of the most amazing gaming experiences I've ever had.

I'm already looking forward to playing some more sessions with you all soon!
I'll let the others write the AAR as they are way more skilled writers than me, but I would like to say the Folk-CiA  joint venture was a great experience. It was really fun seeing that many players operate in an organized way, as one team and accomplish the objectives. The adversarial mission was fun too. I really felt like a poor soldier being attacked by ghosts from all around me biting chunks of me until the bitter end... Smile

Fer, thank you very much for this great opportunity. We all had a splendid time.

I would like to mention two CiAs that stood up in the fight though. Zwobot for his excellent leading in an unknown mission, with many new subordinates. The way you managed to keep it all together was very impressive, I hope we didn't make it too hard for you Smile. Stoops for his amazing flight skill. A major part of the mission was seeing Stoops Hind being controlled tightly, transporting us and keeping us safe from the sky. It's really fun to play with such skilled players.
Looking forward to next time...

I would also like to welcome David, that this great night was his first with us. I always glad to see new players manage to find their way and their position within the team, and I also envy a bit in them for their initial coop excitements Smile

i have 40gb´s frapsed (moonless and motorcade on our server), but i will not be able to edit it this week. I hope i can add a few videos next week!

Good Games!


Are you kidding me?  Zwobot's leading was WAY better than my flying will ever be!  I can't imagine trying to keep track of that many units and keep them on mission.
I imagine it's like playing some RTS game like Starcraft? And nothing serious compared to Arma 2's campaign high command missions.  Tongue

Keep your praise down please, I don't deserve it. Still I'm glad you were satisfied with my performance and I hope so were the Folk comrades.

It was fun to be in charge of a full strength platoon and the other two missions played that night were very entertaining, too.

I was fortunate to have Fer as a skilled Deputy Commander to whom I could completely delegate control over half of the platoon and he did a very good job. I was completely satisfied with the team commanders too who only needed little input and then took the initiative to accomplish the mission.

The hardest part was to find a slot in the busy TS comms to talk to the other teams.
Another video, in addition to those on Folk youtube channel -
Hehe, so many reports, what are they, not a clan but a writers guild?

Interesting read and some new perspectives on missions we played. Some really funny reports too.
Heyo Wolfenswan from ARPS here.

We* had some bloody good fun with you and though our "set" sessions on Tuesday and Sunday unfortunately overlap you are always welcome to join the fun, we often have spontaneous (though at times less serious to outright silly) sessions under the week (we have hueys!).

All the boring details can be found on; many of us tend to linger in the official Rock Paper Shotgun Steam chat and if you're looking for a game it's probably the first place to go to besides the ARPS thread here.

*[sub]Can't speak for the others I'm just using the majestic plural. You should ask them yourself, but be cautious some of them are crazy. Crazy I tell you.[/sub]

Oh and here's my AAR for completeness' sake

Leading Charlie Squad along the ridge I was the very first to die, hit by one of those annoingly accurate AK-goons. Nevertheless I enjoyed watching all the others waltzing their way to victory leaving nothing but scorched earth behind.

Cacheola (adv)

Leading Charlie yet again, we hit in building on the eastern edge of town and my RPG grunt (Joe) was the first to engage and take out one humvee. But both him and Xenu (AR) were taken out shortly after and i ran into town, trying to outflank the enemy. I think I managed to hit one of them through a window (the building got peppered with bullets shortly after but I was long gone) but then I got taken out by a M2 gunner while misfiring my rifle grenade.

Watching the action unfold was a joy though. Grand game everyone.


I was the CO Medic and shadowed Zwobot for most of the mission. The initial ambush was fun, especially with the Hind illuminating the night with MG tracers. After being redeployed to the West of the village I we kept pushing Westwards, I spotted the guys that got the Sniper Team (who promptly were disposed of) and fixed some people up. Though I hardly fired a shot during the mission I really enjoyed the epic and grand scale feeling of it made possible by the high player count.
(11-08-2011, 08:28 PM)wolfenswan link Wrote:Heyo Wolfenswan from ARPS here.

We* had some bloody good fun with you and though our "set" sessions on Tuesday and Sunday unfortunately overlap you are always welcome to join the fun, we often have spontaneous (though at times less serious to outright silly) sessions under the week (we have hueys!).

Hey wolfenswan, thanks for the nice introduction. I never heard of ARPS before Folk and it's always nice to find some more like minded (crazy) groups. Looking foreword to roam the Arma 2 battlefields with you guys again!

as i read your posts, it comes up to my mind, why not making a "Joint OPS Day" weekly? As our Sundays and Tuesdays are reserved for regular coops right now, i would suggest to establish another day (e.g. Thursday) for the beginning. If this turns out to be good over a test period, we could establish this as a regular night on sundays or tuesdays. Just a thought... any opinions?

(11-09-2011, 03:48 PM)Fat Tony link Wrote:Hola,

as i read your posts, it comes up to my mind, why not making a "Joint OPS Day" weekly? As our Sundays and Tuesdays are reserved for regular coops right now, i would suggest to establish another day (e.g. Thursday) for the beginning. If this turns out to be good over a test period, we could establish this as a regular night on sundays or tuesdays. Just a thought... any opinions?


As much as I enjoy these Joint-Ops, I don't want to let go of our regular coop nights in their current content, because I enjoy them very much. Part of the glamour and fun of the joint-op activity is based on the fact it doesn't happen every week, but more like a nice holiday... It wouldn't be the same if it will be a weekly activity.

But we do need to look on the option to have it a monthly (or so) activity.
I agree with Variable.

It would be nice to have a joint coop once every four weeks, e. g. always on the first Sunday of the month. Having joint coops on any day between Monday and Thursday is not possible for me personally (like the welcome message at the Folk server says: "you don't have time to play").
The invitation to join the Folk sessions is always open to CiA (we really enjoyed playing with you all), but picking a regular Sunday each month would be superb, as it would allow us to prepare missions for the larger playercounts.

EDIT: FYI, the ArmA2 section of the Folk forum is now viewable by everyone:
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