Infra 4 – Music Video

Heard this great music piece on a radio, figured I’d put a ARMA 2 video together from the footage I captured while playing together with Comrades in Arms. music: Max Richter – Infra 4 video edited by Kenwort edited And before bright found ventolin inhalers wo prescription will, soap usually …

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New server url

Announcement! The server IP is now mapped to: This means you can just type in that line instead of the ip (remember the port is still 2402) to see our server in the list

Blake’s PRADAR in-Game

Variable: I have prepared this short explanatory video in order to demonstrate how Blake’s PRADAR (Player Radar) may assist in team leading, making it flow more easily and more realistically, allowing to quickly issue orders more effectively, and enhancing the overall leading experience. The main PRADAR feature I use is …

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23.08.2011 – “SOCOM Summers Rain”

The last action packed minutes of the mission. Taking over an enemy vehicle, destroying the scud and extracting by little-bird. No recording of my microphone input. Mission created by Lothrigen. Addons used – JSRS sound mod. Participants: Overlord [CiA] Misha Jager Variable[CiA]

11.08.2011 – “Wildcat”

British Armed Forces mission – Clearing an insurgent infested village. Wildcat insertion, support and extraction. Nice quick mission. Sound mod used – JSRS. Join the CiA coop nights! Visit for more details. Participants – Nikkiler (French accent, Wildcat pilot) Overlord [CiA] (Norwegian accent, second in command) Blake Musroom Jager …

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