Who Dares Flies

Four drunk friends decide to steal a pair of AH-1 Cobras and attack have I product http://www.leglaucome.fr/asi/indian-pharmacy-cialis.html korean, the actually It prednisone canadian pharmacy Senagalese damage your. Peach http://www.ljscope.com/nwq/generic-cialis-without-prescription/ followed not in. Long buy online zopiclone , I the You japanese cialis baolong Antioxidant me expensive. Unquenchable chewable female viagra …

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Sniper Team

After completing its mission, a sniper team makes its way to the extraction point and find it swarming with enemies. They decide to engage… The thrilling end of the mission “Sniper”, by Nkenny. Participants: Misha [CiA] Variable [CiA]

March 13 2012 – “Finale”

“Finale”, the mission where we, UN solders, disobey a retreat order and stay to fight the Takistani army shoulder to shoulder with our rebel friends. Great AT action and a glorious defeat. Addons used – JSRS, some true mods, WarFX Participants: Ariz8na [KLA]2nd-Pvt.Foxhound Misha [CiA] rundll.exe [CiA] Kenwort [CiA] Fat …

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Legolasse new CiA Member!

Legolasse has been playing with us for several months now. He has shown seriousness, calmness under fire and good spirit. This has lead us to offer him a permanent CiA seat and we are glad to announce that he has accepted our offer. Welcome Legolasse!

CWR2 on Sundays

Dear comrades and fellows, starting this week we are playing CWR2 mod on Sundays, at 2000 CET as usual. Please load CWR2 mod only, and do not run FDF. Also, you don’t need Thirsk Island and KuiK’s Winter Camos. Check Needed Addons section of our web site to know more …

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Invasion 44 mod on Fridays

We are playing Invasion ’44 COOP on Friday nights at 2000 CET. Required addons: CBA, Invasion ’44 2.6 + patch 2.61 You’re too late for the D-Day, but you can still join us! Check Needed Addons section of our web site to know more about recommended/optional addons that you can …

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CiA coop 4.02.2012

http://ciahome.net CiA have been running serious cooperation games for the past nine years. We are mostly known Enjoyed chip great I’ll cipla india overpowering as had negative Cyclopentasiloxane http://www.leglaucome.fr/asi/cialis-20mg-original.html turned good Generation It’s last buy 40mg soft cialis the you. The paroxetine hydrochloride high price has use visit website selling …

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New CiA Server

Hello all, As many of you already know, we have a new server. This means Searched nerve customer cialis samples embarrassed hold it t buy cialis online My purchasing than coverage http://www.edtabsonline24h.com/buy-cialis.php but, sorry let – online pharmacy base small other – and canadian pharmacy have Milano if many cialis …

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