CBA Hotifx

Pleaes update your CBA, a hotfix has been released today. PwS CiA profile updated, A3Sync will be updated shortly.

ACR added, CUP and ASDG updated

Guys, please install ACR for tomorrow’s game, and update CUP and ASDG Joint rails. CiA PWS and A3Sync profiles updated. For those who update manually, use the links above, make sure to use the ACR version that doesn’t include CUP pbo’s in it.

Multiple addons update on the server

Once again the Arma gods wants our sacrifice and we have to update our mods. Multiple are updated on the server, please update your clients for Thursday’s game (March 5th). PlayWithSix and A3Sync CiA profiles will be updated shortly. For full list and instructions please refer to this forum post.

Rules Updated!

Quality missions are the bread and butter of the CiA coop nights. Mission makers spend hours making the missions, so the least we can do is spare a minute to give them feedback and encouragement. We expect our players to give feedback to the mission authors right after we finish a mission. …

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Etzu is a CiA Member!

Comrades in Arms is proud to announce Etzu has accepted our offer for a CiA membership. Etzu is a serious player, calm, effective and capable of leading. We also enjoy his missions that are well thought, immersive and entertaining. We are looking forward to grow strong with Etzu finally as …

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New addons for the CiA server

Guys, we are expanding our mod requirement list. The new mods will allow our mission makers to create the contemporary scenarios that we all prefer. The following will be added to the CiA addon list: F.A.T.A. – Federally Administred Tribal Areas, Pakistán + no-ponds patch Hazar-Kot Valley Aliabad Region Podagorsk …

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